Code Enforcement Division

The mission of the Code Enforcement Department is to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment. We help maintain and improve the quality of our community by administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program to correct violations of municipal codes and land use requirements. We also work with residents, neighborhood associations, public services agencies and other City departments to:
  • Facilitate voluntary compliance with City laws and codes.
  • Empower community self-help programs.
  • Establish community priorities for enforcement programs.
If you have any questions concerning the Sign Ordinance, Fire/Burning Ordinance, Fireworks or Municipal Codes such as grass, rubbish or vehicles please feel free to call 615-773-6246.


If you are in need of a temporary sign or a permanent sign, please visit the Planning and Zoning webpage for more information.

Grass 8-1-105

Grass can be no taller than 10 inches.

Vehicles 10-2-126

You shall not have an inoperable or unlicensed vehicle in the City Limits of Mt. Juliet unless it is parked in an enclosed building.

Rubbish/Trash 8-2-102

All persons in the City of Mt. Juliet are required to keep their premises clean and sanitary and free of debris.


If you have any questions concerning these ordinances or any other municipal ordinance, please call the Codes Enforcement Office.