Mt. Juliet Fire Department







Mission Statement


Through Preparedness, Response, and Mitigation the Fire Department of Mt. Juliet will provide professional and innovative service and support to the citizens of Mt. Juliet, Wilson County, and the Metro Nashville Public Safety Community


Welcome to the website of the Fire Department of Mt. Juliet. FDMJ was established in 2013. We have a total of 14 full-time firefighters/EMTs augmented 38 volunteers staffing 2 engine companies, and two ladder companies. We also have a fire explorer program of approximately 20 explorers.  


Erron Kinney

Fire Chief

Jamie Luffman

Assistant Fire Chief

Dwayne Hicks

Division Chief / Fire Marshal


Shawn Donovan

Division Chief - Volunteer Division




Steve Neible




Full-Time Firefighters


Nicolas Ford


A Shift


Edrick "Red" Waller


A Shift


Justin Wilz


A Shift


Kenneth Hudson


A Shift


Sonia Lawrence


B Shift

Caleb Roberts


B Shift

Mo Sills


B Shift



Jacob Stafford


B Shift


Guy Flowers


C Shift

Jesse Quintana


C Shift

Jason Ross 


C Shift

Joe Agent Jr.


C Shift


Drew Noland


C Shift 



Contact Information




  • Non-Emergency:

  • Tennessee Poison Control Center


  • State Forestry Burn Permits (OUTSIDE CITY LIMITS)                           



CLICK HERE for a City Open Burn Permit
















Physical Address: FDMJ Station 1

104 Belinda Parkway

Mt. Juliet, TN 37122






Vision Statement

"Our Vision is that the Fire Department of Mt. Juliet will be an exemplary organization, widely recognized as a department which uses best practices in the delivery of services to the Citizens of Mt. Juliet, Wilson County, and the Metro Nashville Public Safety Community."

We will strive to be a competent, compassionate, and capable organization providing progressive Fire Suppression, Technical Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services. We will possess a relentless pursuit of excellence and be difference makers in every situation in which we are called to serve.

Our internal culture will reflect a respectful team atmosphere nurtured by open internal communication processes, providing information sharing and involvement in decisions to accomplish our mission.

Our workforce planning efforts will embrace the concept that there is no vacation from greatness improving and promoting career development for the future success of our department's members and the Fire Department of Mt. Juliet. The effective management of our physical resources will allow us to maintain quality dependable apparatus and equipment, and also explore new technology to improve the quality of support and operational services. Through the implementation of standardized contemporary training activities, our members will be accountable for their mastery of technical skills and job performance requirements in accordance to NFPA 1001, 1006, and 1670. Members will demonstrate their commitment to excellence through the professional and dependable delivery of services to the citizens of Mt. Juliet, Wilson County, and the Metro Nashville Public Safety Community. 

Our leadership and members will hold one another accountable to accomplish our mission, and to apply our values. Our vision is that through a consistent commitment to our core values our culture will flourish, job satisfaction will soar, and we will meet or exceed the expectations of the citizens we serve and the public safety community.



Core Values


The Points of the Compass

A compass is used to provide direction when traveling or lost in the wilderness. A compass can point us in the right direction and help us locate ourselves on a map. Likewise the compass can provide direction for FDMJ when seeking guidance in the delivery of emergency services.

A compass has four points: north, south , east and west. The Fire Service Compass also has four points: Excellence, Leadership, Integrity, and Service.




Excellence can be described as a passion for continued improvement and innovation that will result in greater performance and accomplishment for the company. There is no vacation from greatness! 


Leadership is critical in maintaining the standards that we set for ourselves and is reflected by the quality of service we provide. We can, and should, choose to take leadership roles as members of FDMJ and as individuals. Fire and Rescue Service professionals are set apart and looked to as difference makers, role models, and examples for others in the community.


Integrity is the willingness to do what is right even when no one is looking. Integrity includes:courage-doing what is right even if the personal cost is high, moving forward in the face of great personal risk; honesty-always telling the truth; responsibility-acknowledging your duties and acting accordingly; accountability-assuming the blame when it's rightfully yours and declining credit that isn't yours; and respect-respecting oneself and others as a professional and as a person. 


Service is the backbone of the fire service. We serve others! We must remember that our primary mission is to deliver the best possible service to our customers. It requires that we regard everyone as customers. We serve ever vigilant so others may live (Semper Vigilare Ut Vivant Alii)!






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