Sewer Billing Division



The City of Mt. Juliet Sewer Billing Division of the Public Works Department has several responsibilities. 

Sewer Bills - We calculate, print and mail your sewer bill each month.  Your sewer bill is based on water consumption.  Since sewers are not metered, we have no way to monitor what comes out of your home. We use the data from West Wilson Utility District to calculate your sewer bill.  

A common misconception is your water and sewer are always the same. This is not true. Our rates are not the same.  

We mail bills on the last working day of the month and payment is due by 15th of the month. 

Sprinkling/Averaging Policy - To give residential customers a break during the summer, the City of Mt. Juliet implemented a Sprinkling/Averaging Policy.  We take what you use during the winter and average the usage.  During the summer you are charged that average or your actual usage, whichever results in the lowest bill for you.

Sewer Problems -   If your sewer should backup into your home or if you should encounter a bad sewer odor, please call us at 773-7957 (8am-5pm) or 754-2550 (after hours).


Payment Options


1) Mail payment to:

    City of Mt. Juliet Sewer Division

    P.O. Box 679

    Mt. Juliet, TN 37121


2) Pay in-person at 2425 N. Mt. Juliet Rd.  Office hours are from 8am - 5:00pm.


3) Bank draft.  Visit 2425 N. Mt. Juliet Rd. for details.


4) Pay online by clicking the link below. 





Wayne Griffin, Sewer Billing Manager


 Valeria McCanless, Accounting Clerk


 Liz Vantrease, Accounting Clerk